Two Women in Gold (1970) watch online

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Directed by: Claude Fournier
Stars: Monique Mercure, Louise Turcot, Marcel Sabourin
Language: French (English Subs)
Country: Canada

Also known as: Deux filles perverties, Deux femmes en or, Tramposos y embaucadores

Two women living in suburban Montreal find themselves having a difficult time waiting for their frequently absent husbands. They decide for fun to call as many delivery men as possible to have extra-marital affairs with.

This film shows what happens when one naughty housewife gets a real fun idea into her head and then convinces her neighbour to do the same. Both lonely wives start calling up the Bell repair man and the milk man, etc to come over for more than just a delivery or repair. Soon one older man is smitten with one of them and succumbs to her whiley ways only to end up dead- though with a smile on his face of course. The ladies are charged with murder and scandal erupts. Soon the judge at the court delivers a not guilty verdict because of the fact that it became obvious the man died happily.

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  1. Does “Early Access” usually last a month or more before it becomes available for normal viewing? I’m unwilling to give any financial details as this site is riddled with malware, redirects and trojans – my various adblockers go into overdrive here!

  2. Dear My Friend ;
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  3. No subtitles for this film? It looks really good, but i have no idea what is going on. 🙁

  4. There is English subtitles in the movie… Please kindly check video player settings… You can on or off subtitiles in video player…

  5. Hmm. The subtitles appearing for me. Could you upload the .srt file so i could add it to the player myself?

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