Unmade Beds (1997) watch uncut


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Directed by: Nicholas Barker
Stars: Aimee Copp, Michael De Stefano, Brenda Monte, Mikey Russo, Heather Feeney, Susan G. Keller, Ronnie Marmo
Language: English
Country: France | USA | UK | Imdb Info

Description: The private hell of four single New Yorkers made public for your viewing pleasure. A black comedy about vanity and lust in contemporary America. In the middle of the sexual jungle of New York’s singles’ world, two men and two women try to achieve their dreams.

Nicholas Barker shot the film in NY City with a tiny crew of seven people over the period of a full year, through all four seasons. He and his staff had first interviewed nearly a thousand candidates for the leads, picked four after an arduous process, then edited the transcripts of their video interviews, and shot the final film on film carefully directing them in the new truthful, but more dramatic script.

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