Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970) watch UNCUT


Directed by: Jaromil Jires
Actors:  Jaroslava Schallerová, Helena Anýzová, Petr Kopriva
Language:  Czech
Country: Czechoslovakia

Also known as: I Valerie stin evdomada ton thavmaton

Description: One of my favorite movies that I want to watch again, and after some time again and again. In the first place – because the film is beautiful, beautiful purely aesthetically. Wonderful composition, combination of colors and textures. In each frame, all that we are shown something says Yes, every item, book, color, or pattern make sense, reveal additional facets of the plot, which, to be fair, it’s hard to call a clear and open.

Indeed, Valerie and the week of wonders – a film, the film is an experience and cognition of the world. But he’s so beautiful that the ambiguity of perception not have on the viewer pressure. Everyone is free to dream up your own fairy tale and put a mosaic of girlish dreams in their own way.

Music by Lubos Fisher, accompanying the whole film, creates a special atmosphere. There are not too many dialogues, they are largely symbolic, the action develops as a single picture, with music by the veil, which it envelops.

Yaroslav Sallerova played the role of Valerie at the age of 13 and in this way appeared incredibly organic, simultaneously childish and feminine Flirty, natural and lively girl with a rich and mysterious inner world.

A movie with that special softness that I love so much in the Czech film to immerse yourself in the beauty and enjoy it, without searching for reliable and unambiguous meanings of spatial-temporal relations.

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