Valeria Inside Outside (1972) watch uncut


Directed by:  Brunello Rondi
Actors: Barbara Bouchet, Pier Paolo Capponi and Erna Schurer
Language: Italian (English Subs)
Country: Italy

Also known as: Valeria dentro e fuori, Esclava del placer

Description: Valeria, a young Swedish woman moved to Italy and married with a famous musician, David Serio , is treated by her husband like a luxury erotic object. Traumatized during her childhood by a sexual shock, she’d like to have a child to make her life complete. David’s misunderstanding increases her anguish driving her to sexual raptus. Among the other things, she seduces David’s brother. As soon as he realizes that, David locks her into an insane asylum. Here Valeria finds herself plunged into a hallucinatory atmosphere which makes her conditions worse. The brutality of treatments and the hell around her make her will to escape grow. Valeria escapes, she offers herself to two truck drivers, then she’s captured and locked again into the insane asylum. After a quick visit, when he is only allowed to take a look at his wife from far away, David devotes to himself, with a new partner. Nothing more than a derelict by now, Valeria has visions of herself like a happy mother from time to time.

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