Vengeance of the Zombies (1973) watch online cult horror


Directed by:  León Klimovsky
Stars:  Paul Naschy, Romy and Mirta Miller
Language:  English
Country:  Spain

Also known as:  La rebelión de las muertas, Revolt of the Dead Ones, The Rebellion of the Dead Women

Description:  An Indian mystic uses magical chants to raise women from the dead, then sends them out to perform revenge killings for him.

This seriously screwy jaw-dropper might very well be the single most sublimely schlocky Spanish horror film Paul Naschy ever both wrote and starred in. Naschy is hilariously miscast as Krishna, a charismatic Indian guru mystic who’s a real hit with the swinging 70’s London, England jet set. The lovely Elivira Irving (ravishing redhead Romy) decides to stay at Krishna’s swanky abode. She runs afoul of Krishna’s hideously disfigured evil brother Kantaka (Naschy again) and his demonic cult of deadly, yet sexy female zombies.

Director Leon Klimovsky strikes out something sidesplitting with the poky pace, meandering narrative, and strange use of stylized slow motion. However, some tasty gratuitous nudity, a little graphic gore, an overall infectiously trippy hallucinogenic vibe, and hot babes aplenty (Mirta Miller is especially gorgeous as Krishna’s loyal servant girl Kala) compensate for these flaws. Moreover, Naschy in a third role as none other than El Diablo (Paul sports these absolutely ridiculous horns!), zombie women who have obvious tacky pasty greasepaint make-up smeared on their faces, and the totally inappropriate, yet undeniably awesome groovy free-form avant-garde fusion jazz prog-rock score add immensely to the ample unintentional amusement. A gloriously gaga riot.

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