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Director: Knud Leif Thomsen
Writer: Knud Leif Thomsen
Stars: Søren Strømberg, Sisse Reingaard, Poul Reichhardt
| 24 March 1966 (Denmark)
Language: Danish (English Subtitles)

Aka : Myrkkyä, Venom, Gift, Dokuga, Armagan, Die Strandbiene

An amoral young man is invited to the ordinary family house where he seduces the daughter and tries to seduce the mother but is thrashed and thrown out.

Per, a hedonistic young man who simply shows up one day on a speedboat outside a well-to-do family’s summer house. Befriending family’s daughter, Susanne, the coolly amoral Per does everything he can to shake their complacency, just for the hell of it. He delights in stirring up trouble with his video camera, screening filmed private intimate moments to the mother of the daughter who is prominently featured on the video

This film offers one of the most truthful portrayals of the mixed-up Danish attitude to sex and pornography. It was made in the sixties, which was the last gasp of Denmark as a nation of open-minded people. Hence, the film refuses to judge, and instead throws a shower of thought-provoking questions at the viewer, with young people voicing open-minded and progressive ideas while the parents react with shock and violence. Back then it looked as if the new generation would change the world for the better, and certainly it managed to overthrow some oppressive censorship laws, but alas, anyone living in Denmark today is well familiar with this country’s present puritanical right-wing politics. The generation conflict in “Gift” parallels the conflict between how Danes are still perceived and how they really are. No wonder if Danes don’t like watching this film. It’s way too close to home.

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