Vicious Lips (1986) watch online


Directed by: Albert Pyun
Stars: Dru-Anne Perry, Gina Calabrese, Linda Kerridge
Language: English
Country: Usa

Also known as: Pleasure Planet, Lunar Madness

Description A band finally gets the opportunity for that breakthrough gig if they can make it to an “in” club on another planet in time…

Future. In one of the most famous clubs in the galaxy “Radioactive Dream” formed empty time in the program. The owner of the club offers group Maxine ” Vicious Lips ” from a distant planet Earth to become stars of the show . It’s a chance that falls only once !

However, the group has a small problem – their singer died in an accident , a moment after the group decided to leave . At Matty , producer groups , have an hour to find a soloist and a day to fly to the club …

Directed by Albert Pyun could create remarkable fusion of fantasy and musical.

On the one hand you see all that 80s music personified : long hair , bright makeup and performances in the glow of neon.

On the other hand fiction custodial chelovekozverem with Venus, the priestesses of love from the corporation “Planet of Delights” and space pirates .

A gourmet fantasy genre has quotes and allusions to such box office hits as “Alien ” and ” Lost in Space ” and a wonderful sense of humor.

Filmed literally for pennies , but does not spoil the movie trash , but only makes a kind of charm in this musical story.

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