Violated Angels (1967) watch rare Sexploitation


Year: 1967
Duration: 00:56:47
Directed by: Kôji Wakamatsu
Actors: Juro Kara, Keiko Koyanagi, Miki Hayashi, Shoko Kido
Language: Japanese (English subs)
Country: Japan

Also known as: Okasareta hakui, Les anges violés, Violated Women in White

Description: A voyeur, invited into a dormitory for nurses, remains behind to violate and murder close to a dozen of them. Some of the nurses attempt to talk him out of ending their lives and much of the film is comprised of these conversations, but the talk doesn’t do much good. Most of the film is black and white and quite murky, but there are selected snippets of color to illustrate the aftermath of the killer’s work. Bleak and slow moving, Wakamatsu attempts to provide a political subtext for the nastiness, but it comes across as pretentious. The stabbings, rapes and beatings are shot mostly at a distance, but the tone is upsetting and the constant screaming and general air of misery is palpable. The score, by Wakamatsu, is hypnotic.

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