Virgin Beasts (1992) watch online


Directed by: Toby Zoates
Stars: Michelle Granieri, Simon Reptile, Chris Donovan, Mark Easton, Goose Pressley
Language: English
Country: Australia

Description: Welcome to post-apocalyptic Sydney, where humiliation and fear are dealt with from the hands of the evil Turd Doctor and his heartless Sir Blow. Along with their army of virgin beasts, the death-dealing duo rule unashamedly, until they meet a band of grungy survivalist youths.

Armed with sexy songs and a Devil-may-care attitude, these mates set forth to win the Deadly Games, in the hopes of restoring Sydney as a peaceful and loving community!

If you are looking for a mind-bending animation-enhanced dramatic comedy in the tradition of Yellow Submarine, Fire and Ice or Waking Life, Virgin will put a wombat in your billabong and make your dingo stand up and say “Beasts G’day!”

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