War Goddess aka The Amazons (1973) watch online


Directed by: Terence Young
Actors: Alena Johnston, Sabine Sun, Rosanna Yanni
Language: English
Country: Italy

Also known as:Amatsoonit, Amazon Kadinlar Savasi, Amazonernes krig mod mændene, As Amazonas, Gymnostithes Amazones, Las amazonas, Les amazons, The Amazons, Le Guerriere Dal Seno Nudo

Description: An Amazon (European not South American) tribe need to select a leader so they have their top two warriors strip to the waist, get oiled up by some handmaidens and then enter into a mighty wrestling match to see who will be the next War Goddess. The buxom blonde bests the buxom brunette to rise to the top. Since there are no men allowed in the tribe the story demands an annual truce so the Amazon warriors can hook up with some handy Greek soldiers, who are more than willing to put their differences with the mighty females aside for a night of carnal bliss…or at least some nasty sex. The Greek leader disguises himself as a mere soldier to get some since he normally gets left out of the nooky action and ‘happens’ to mate with the new queen who naturally gets pregnant.

The queen has a son, who is then left to die since the Amazons don’t allow even those males to survive. The Greek leader rescues the boy and springs the surprise on the Queen during the next years Night o’ Naughty, after grabbing another slice of royal fur pie. She decides to go with him to see their son, but they are discovered leaving. The Amazons conclude the Queen’s been kidnapped so they chase the couple leading to a Battle Royale with the soldiers.

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