Watch Me When I Kill (1977) watch online


Directed by:  Antonio Bido
Stars: Corrado Pani, Paola Tedesco and Franco Citti
Language:  English
Country:  Italy

Also known as:  Il gatto dagli occhi di giada, Die Stimme des Todes, Katten med stenögat, Katten med stengat, The Cat with the Jade Eyes, The Cat’s Victims

Description:  A pharmacist is murdered, and a woman happens to see the culprit leave the scene. She soon finds herself being stalked by the killer, and when her boyfriend tries to discover who the murderer is and stop him, he begins to find out that there is much more to the murder than the ordinary killing it first appeared to be.

Review:  Good Italian horror This woman stops by a chemist to pick up some painkillers. she is told to come back another day by some voice she hears. the chemist is lying dead in the back of the shop. so she is now involved in a murder case. there were some quite gory senses with throat-slitting, and strangulations, apart from that i found it to be a very good storyline. I though that the director of the film, (Antonio Bido) did i very good job in making the film, i found the storyline to be quite gripping to watch as the story made sense more than some other Italian horrors that i have seen.
Good Movie: Recommended

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