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Directed by: Gerard Damiano
Stars: Bill Doukas, Alice Haley, Justine Simmon
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info

Description:  Today’s generation IN HEAT… caught in a whirlwind of kicks and thrills!

The legendary Gerard Damiano was innovating in porn even with his very first feature film WE ALL GO DOWN, but this forgotten programmer has serious defects in characterization and direction. The sexual content is strong for its time, nonetheless.

The reason there are such glaring continuity problems is that the film was shot originally WITHOUT sexual content. It was evaluated by the producer and it was suggested that sexual content be added. Scenes were shot and simply plugged in. One glaring example is where two of the leads are conversing at a bar. Damiano added a fully nude dancer supposedly dancing on the bar – neither character ever even glance in her direction – because she wasn’t there originally.

It’s essentially a cautionary drug tale, presaging Abel Ferrara’s work, but with a sexual emphasis all Damiano’s own. Bill Doukas, handsome in the manner of now-forgotten TV idol Gardner McKay (I grew up addicted to his escapist series ADVENTURES IN PARADISE), stars as Pete, a New Yorker addicted to heroin and amphetamines -not exactly a desirable combo.

He’s introed hitting up Nancy (lovely Alice Haley) for money to feed his habit. The tortured acting and harsh lighting of this opener are pure Damiano, followed by a lesbian scene between Nancy and Peggy (Justine Simmon). Full frontal nudity, expected but not guaranteed in 1969, is delivered.

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