Whirlpool (1970) watch uncut

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Directed by: José Ramón Larraz
Actors: Karl Lanchbury, Vivian Neves, Pia Andersson, Johanna Hegger
Language: English
Country: Denmark | UK

Also known as: Perversion Flash, She Died with Her Boots On

Description: A Swinging London era fashion (played by Vivian Neves, who was a, um, Swinging London Era fashion model)is lured to an isolated country estate by a creepy older woman to meet her even creepier photography-obsessed nephew. She doesn’t seem too perturbed to learn that a previous female model that went there has disappeared without a trace, nor does she find it strange that her first night there the aunt and nephew get her drunk and engage her in perverse game of strip poker. She almost has sex with the nephew (while his aunt secretly watches) but he isn’t able to, uh, rise to the occasion. The next day he takes her into town and pays a friend to rip her clothes off and nearly rape her while he takes pictures. This doesn’t seem to bother her either because soon she’s involved in another bisexual three-way sex/photography session with the aunt and nephew. There is also an allusion to the old Bluebeard story–the model has been forbidden to enter the nephew’s mysterious darkroom. Hmmmm. Guess what she does?

Review: “WHIRLPOOL, made in 1969, was the Spanish born, England based Jose Ramon Larraz’s first feature, made for peanuts in Denmark .  It was of course dubbed into English and released onto the US grindhouse circuit (under the title SHE DIED WITH HER BOOTS ON and proudly bearing an X rating), where it fit in nicely with similarly themed flicks like LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT and THE CANDY SNATCHERS, and further benefited commercially from the presence of model Vivian Neves, at the time something of a household name.

The film would set the tone for most of the director’s next 25 features–which would come to include the popular VAMPYRES (1974) as well as SCREAM AND DIE (1973), SYMPTOMS (1974) and the evocatively titled VIOLATION OF THE BITCH (a.k.a. THE COMING OF SIN; 1978)–with its compact and claustrophobic account of amorous doings in the midst of a vast forest, not to mention the premiere use of Larraz’s Americanized pseudonym J.R. Larrath, which was utilized on quite a few of his subsequent films.

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