Wilbur And The Baby Factory (1970) watch uncut


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Directed by: Tom McGowan
Stars: Peter Ford, Keith McConnell, Larisa Schubert, Stuart Lancaster, Elizabeth Knowles (as Lisa Grant)
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info

Also known as: Baby Factory, The Loving Machine, The Pleasure Farm, Sex Machine

Description: A young man is given the job of fathering 2000 children for a future perfect race.

Sex Radicals of the ’70s! A secret organization known as “The Baby Factory” cons activist stud Wilbur Steele into joining a scientific experiment in which he’ll sire 2,000 genetically perfect children! What Wilbur doesn’t realize is that it’s all a nefarious scheme funded by bitter billionaire W.W. (Russ Meyer fave Stuart Lancaster) whose manhood is “the size of a peanut” and who’s planning on using Wilbur and the Baby Factory in a mad plot to sterilize the entire world…. One of the most offbeat sexploitation films of the Seventies, here’s a wild mix of skin and satire which even features a protest song cameo by Nashville singer Ronee Blakley!

Plus: Charlotte Kane, 20-year-old brain-dead heiress of newspaper mogul Charles F. Kane, is kidnapped by five horny pseudo-revolutionaries who call themselves “The Symphonic Liberation Army” and bombard her with sex, sex, drill practice, and sex. Faster than you can say “Patty Hearst,” Charlotte is converted to the cause, changes her name to Tanya, and quickly becomes the ultimate Revolutionary Nymphomaniac! Two very carnal comedies courtesy of producer Harry Novak !

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