Wrong Way (1972) watch uncut

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Directed by: Ray Williams
Actors: Laurel Canyon, Candy Sweet, Forrest Lorne, Ray Wray, Ron Namkram
Language: English
Country: USA

Description: This is the type of movie you get when giving a camera to a bunch of drunken fat guys that watched way too much porno in their lives. They presumably intended to make their very own imitation of Wes Craven’s “Last House on the Left” with aggressive sex scenes and violent revenge-action, only they only got around filming the sex footage and completely forgot about the action. Two young girls, surprisingly cute-looking and sympathetic, are picked up by bored rednecks and brought to a remote place where they get raped and beaten for hours! It’s unbelievable how LONG these rape sequences last! Viagra must have been popular in the early 70’s already. When the dirty beer-drinking & pot-smoking farmers have finally satisfied their lusts, the girls try to get back to civilization on foot but – sadly for them – they get captured by a pathetic hippie-cult, led by what unquestionably must be THE most annoying guy I’ve ever seen. The agony of this film ends with two totally unrelated characters having sex with a prostitute in a sleazy motel room. Who the hell are those people??? Just in case you still have doubts, “Wrong Way” should NOT be watched by anyone who still has some good taste left in him/her. The absolute low point was when the camera zoomed in on the girls as they were washing their vagina after being raped several times. At that point, I was really wondering why I was still watching this crap. The editing is lousy and the choice of music couldn’t be more wrong. None of the cast members starred in another movie ever again and that’s probably for the best. Rating 2 out of 10; a point for the girls each because I honestly felt sorry for them.

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  1. This new Onlystream video hosting site you are using isn’t very good, why did you change? It’s slow, glitchy & it takes a long time to buffer the video. I’d like to watch ‘Wrong Way’, but the player is problematic, so i’ve had to abandon it. I’d recommend streamango or openload as far better alternatives. You also used to offer alternate links, will these be coming back?
    I love your site, but this new arrangement is a disappointing step in the wrong direction. 🙁

  2. Will be better soon … Just working for better buffering speed… Just give us a couple of days…

  3. My Dear Friend ,
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